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Long Island Clogs & Backup Services

Few things are as messy and frustrating as dealing with clogged plumbing. One of the worst types of clogs is a clogged toilet. In some cases, a plunger will work to take care of the problem, but if your toilet is stubbornly clogged, or you find that it's been clogging more frequently, it's time to call in the experts to have your drain clogs professionally cleaned.

Varsity Home Service is proud to offer a variety of clogged plumbing repairs services, including toilet repairs and drain cleaning. Our technicians are fully licensed and trained to provide superior services to residential and commercial residents. All of our technicians undergo rigorous background checks and are fully insured. Whenever a member of our team visits your home, you can count on being treated with the kindness, respect, and professionalism you deserve.

Complete Clog Removal Services That Solve the Underlying Problem

It's true that we can provide you with basic clog removal services, but we do much more than that. We take the time to look beyond the current clog and diagnose the issue that's causing your toilet or drain to clog in the first place.

As part of our plumbing clogs repairs, we can also provide you with services that include:

  • Toilet Replacements: This may be necessary when the clog is due to the age of your toilet and/or its components.
  • Tank Replacements: When your tank is cracked or damaged, it can no longer hold the water your toilet needs to flush and refill.
  • Sewer Line Flushing: We often recommend this approach for stubborn clogs that return time and time again.
  • Drain Clogs: Our licensed plumbers can find the root of your clogged plumbing quickly, so your bathtub or sink is functional in no time. 

Get Your Clogged Plumbing Fixed Fast!

Your toilet, sink, or shower isn't something your family can (or should ever have to) do without. All you have to do is give us a call, and we'll come out to your home and assess the problem. For non-emergency issues, you can always fill out our online form, and we'll get back to you quickly with the information you need.

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