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Long Island Water Filtration Systems

Drinking plenty of water is great for your health, but if the water coming from your tap is not clean to begin with, you might be doing yourself more harm than good! Harmful chemicals and contaminants have been found in Long Island drinking water studies, as well as additives like chlorine. This is not only potentially dangerous for the water you drink, but also for the water you shower/bathe in and cook with. Get better tasting, healthier, safer water with a water filter from Varsity Home Service.

Our local business has over 50 years of experience as a trusted Long Island plumbing specialist, so you can count on us to provide you with convenient, healthy, whole-home water filtration systems. With BBB accreditation and fair, upfront pricing, you can feel comfortable and confident inviting us into your home to make sure the water your family uses for drinking, cooking, and bathing is the purest it can be.

Choose the Right Whole-Home Water Filter for Your House

Although you can find pitcher filter systems and bottled at the store, nothing offers better protection than a whole-home water filtration system. It provides you with point-of-use convenience throughout your entire home, and you won't need to refill a pitcher or contribute to harmful plastic waste multiple times a day!

In order to ensure you get the perfect filtration system for your home, we offer a generous selection of systems to choose from:

  • Carbon filters utilize carbon to ensure your water tastes fresh and clean.
  • Reverse osmosis systems make water safer to drink by transferring it from a high ion concentration to a low ion concentration.
  • Water softeners with no-salt conditioners can remove minerals like calcium and magnesium, increasing the lifetime of home appliances.
  • Bacteria and toxin shields ensure your water is safe and healthy to drink.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More About Your Water Filtration Options

Honesty and trust are the backbone of our business, which means we'll only recommend a system for your home if we believe it's the best choice for your family. Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed and insured experts, and we'll provide you with plumbing and water filter advice that fits your needs and budget. Call or fill out our online form, and we'll schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience.

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