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Healthy Water Special

$400 Off Whole-Home Filtration Systems or $100 Off Reverse Osmosis Systems

Expires 05/31/2021

15% off All Indoor Air Quality Products

In an effort to help families affordably keep their homes safer during this difficult health crisis, Varsity Home Service is offering 15% off all indoor air quality products.

Warranty Coverage

We offer extensive warranties on home repairs and installations for your peace of mind.

Maintenance Plans

Varsity's Gold Maintenance Protection Program is a great way to keep your HVAC and plumbing systems in tip-top shape with regularly scheduled inspections and repair discounts.

Flexible Financing

Ease the initial expense of your home's equipment with financing options from Wells Fargo. Subject to approved credit.

$100 Off Water Filtration System Install

Enjoy clean water today with a new water filtration system from Varsity. Save $100 with this coupon!

$50 Off for First Time Customers

Welcome to the Varsity family of happy customers! As a welcoming gift, we are offering $50 off with this coupon!

$200 Off Furnace Replacement or Install

Don't get stuck in the cold! Get a new furnace from the experts at Varsity and save $200 with this coupon!

$50 Off A/C System Repair

Make sure your A/C system is in tip-top shape with A/C repairs from Varsity! Use this coupon for $50 off your repair service.

$50 Off New Water Heater Install

Get that new water heater hooked up by professionals and save $50 with this coupon!

$200 Off Ductless Mini Split Install

Save on your new ductless mini split system with this $200 off coupon from the expert technicians at Varsity!

$50 Off Boiler Repair

Save on your boiler repair with this $50 off coupon!

$100 Off New Tankless Water Heater Replacement or Install

Save on your tankless water heater replacement or installation service from Varsity with this coupon!

$200 Off A/C System Replacement

Get the best A/C system for your home with the help of Varsity! Save $200 our superior systems with this coupon!

$200 Off A/C System Installation

Upgrading your A/C system or in need of a new one? Contact the experts at Varsity and save $200 on installation with this coupon!

$200 Off Heating System Replacement

Looking to get a new heating system? Work with the best and save $200 with Varsity! Display this coupon to get your discount.

$50 Off Slab Leak Repair

Don't let leaking pipes hide under a slab. Get your slab leak repaired and save $50 with this coupon!

$50 Off Gas Leak Repair

Gas leaks shouldn't be left unattended! Get them taken care of right away and save $50 with this coupon!

$50 Off Water Heater Repair

Don't get stuck in cold water! Fix your water heater

$25 Off Drain Cleaning Service

Keep your drains flowing free with the help of our draining cleaning service. Use this coupon to get $25 off!

$50 Off Sump Pump Replacement

Don't wait until your home is flooded to replace it. Call Varsity today to get a new sump pump and use this coupon to save $50!

$25 Off Toilet Repair or Replacement

Save $25 off your toilet repair or replacement service with this coupon!