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Plainview, NY Plumbing Company

Plumbing is an integral part of any home in Plainview, NY. If your plumbing isn’t in the best shape, then you might encounter plumbing problems that can be quite the pain to deal with. Fortunately, Varsity Home Service is a local plumbing company you can trust to resolve your plumbing issues. With experience that spans more than 5 decades along with an A+ BBB rating, you can be assured that any plumbing problems you are experiencing will be resolved with the best results. 

Here at Varsity Home Service, our plumbing services in Plainview include:

  • Clogs & Backups
  • Gas Line Repair & Installation
  • Plumbing & Water Heater Installation & Replacements
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Leak Detection & Repairs

Dedicated Services For Clogs & Backups

Everyone has encountered a clog or backup in their toilet or bathtub at one point in their lives. They are troublesome issues since they can leave with a toilet that won’t flush or a bathtub that won’t drain. To ensure any clogs or backups in your home are removed or repaired, we provide a variety of services tailored to your needs. They include sewer line flushing for sewer clogs, clog repairs, toilet replacements, and more!

Great Gas Line Repair & Installation Services

If you are looking to convert from electric to gas or need help detecting and repairing a gas leak in your home, then the licensed plumbers here at Varsity Home Service have got your back! As a licensed Master Plumber, we offer comprehensive gas line repair and installation services along with gas line conversion services. Gas leaks should be dealt with immediately, which is why when you call us about a potential gas leak, we will perform a gas leak detection service and repair any potential leaks. We also provide gas line conversion services whether you want to convert from electric to gas or even oil to gas. 

High-Quality Plumbing & Water Heater Installation & Replacements

As a proven plumbing contractor in Plainview, we are the trusted choice when it comes to plumbing and water heater installation and replacement services. If you are encountering issues related to your plumbing or notice that your water heater is damaged, then consider our services for plumbing and water heaters. By having your plumbing and water heater serviced, you can have working plumbing throughout your home and save on costs related to your water heater. 

Outstanding Water Filtration Systems

Having access to clean water in your home is important because you don’t want to ingest or shower/bathe in water that is polluted with contaminants and chemicals. Here at Varsity Home Service, we install water filtration systems for Plainview homeowners looking to have clean water. Our water filtration systems include bacteria and toxin shields, water softeners, carbon filters, and reverse osmosis systems. 

Comprehensive Leak Detection & Repair Services

You might think that a small leak under your toilet or kitchen sink may not be a big deal, but it really is. Leaks can lead to a higher water bill not to mention the potential damage that could be caused to your home. To ensure that we take care of any leaks in your home, we provide water leak detection services along with repairs for slab leaks, burst pipes, and more.

Learn More About Our Services

Here at Varsity Home Service, we always strive for excellence with our residential and commercial plumbing services. So, if you are ready to get started, then contact our Plainview plumbers today to learn more about our services! Fill out our online form to request a free pricing quote.

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