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Exciting news! Bob Bellini, president of Varsity Home Service, was invited to the ANGI Homeservices Home Design Trends Roundtable this week. We are proud to say that he was one of two home service pros to attend this exclusive event. Bob shared his expertise on industry trends with Angie Hicks, th...

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Do you know what’s really in your water? Here’s an alarming fact: there are many homes to which the public water supply contains chlorine levels as high as a swimming pool. Water authorities add chemicals like chlorine and chloramines to the water supply to combat the formation of bacteria. This p...

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Sure, February in New York isn't exactly what most people would consider warm, but if you plan on having friends or family over to pass the time this holiday weekend, you may find your home heating up before you know it. Having more people in your house automatically creates more heat, especially...

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