Exciting news! Bob Bellini, president of Varsity Home Service, was invited to the ANGI Homeservices Home Design Trends Roundtable this week. We are proud to say that he was one of two home service pros to attend this exclusive event.

Bob shared his expertise on industry trends with Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie’s List, alongside representatives from home improvement publications like Good Housekeeping and Realtor.com.

The group was brought together to discuss insights relating to trends in the home service industry. Some of the topics they discussed were homeowner preferences shifting towards “throwback” design elements like old fashioned fixtures and stonework, open floor concepts, smart homes and energy efficiency.

Of all the topics they covered, Bob was most excited to get the chance to talk about his expertise with healthy water systems. This is a topic he feels passionate about and hopes to expand education on for Long Island homeowners this year.

Bob has long believed that there is a significant gap in knowledge about the quality of public water supplies and the associated health risks. He is a strong advocate for helping homeowners learn about the steps they can take to improve their home’s water quality and keep their families safe.

Find out more about healthy water systems here.