It’s a new year, and what better time to start setting new goals than right now. Most of us want the same thing; to eat better, exercise more, and save more money.

Luckily, the latter is something you will be able to cross off your resolution list this year. Try these 3 new HVAC methods to lower your energy bills this year and make 2018 the year of saving.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Home ThermostatProgrammable thermostats are becoming quite popular, and have a fantastic return on investment. Costing as little as $25.00, a programmable thermostat can save you hundreds annually on your energy bills.

Most of us are well-intended when it comes to adjusting the temperature in our homes. However, we are human beings, which can sometimes be forgetful. The beauty of the programmable thermostat is that once you program it to do a job, it executes it.

No rushing out the door or falling asleep on the couch. Your programmable thermostat can turn your heat up before you’re out of bed in the morning, and adjust your temperature while you’re away at work.

Most of these thermostats work with any heating and cooling system, except electric baseboard heating systems. They require a line voltage’ system.

You can pick up your programmable thermostat at any general hardware store. And they are quite easy to install; just ask an associate upon purchase.

Seal Air Leaks in Your Home’s Duct System

Duct SystemLeaky Air Ducts can account for about 30% of your energy losses. They are a very important part of your heating and cooling system and can cause problems if they are malfunctioning or have not been sealed correctly.

Check for spaces and gaps on air ducts around the joining sections, as this is typically where you find holes. If you do, use heat approved tape to seal it shut. The best kinds are duct mastic, butyl, and foil tapes. Avoid masking tape.

Be sure to check that connections, where the vents meet your floors, ceilings and walls, are intact. This can also create energy loss that no one can afford. When in doubt, call the professionals.

Using Curtains and Drapes Helps Control the Temperature in Your Home.

Curtains & DrapesNo longer just for home decor, drapes are coming back to serve a much higher purpose - energy saving.

Using drapes and curtains around your windows can save you up to 33% on your heating/cooling costs. They act as a seal to either trap warm air in, or keep cool air out, depending on the season.

If you live in a house with poorly insulated windows, it might be time to head to the fabric store. Be sure that you are using two drapes, instead of one, as it makes for a better seal. Get drapes that are long enough to fall all the way to the floor or window sill, and that they wrap around the window. Keep your curtains or drapes closed at night time and during the day on the windows that don’t get much sunlight.

You can start using these methods to help regulate the temperature in your home today. Make 2018 a year to remember by saving money on your energy bill, and keeping some money in your pocket.