Getting work done on your plumbing is a lot like surgery. If you’re not familiar with how all this works, you don’t want to be doing the work yourself. That’s why one of the first things you should do is engage the services of an experienced Bohemia plumber to evaluate your situation and then provide professional solutions.

But along with getting a professional assessment, your Bohemia plumber may also notify you that the work can’t start without a plumbing permit. If you don’t know what this is, we’re about to explain and give you the advice and tips you need to know in order to make sure getting your permit is easy.

1 - How The Permit Works

Our first tip is actually more of a general explanation. In order to make the most of a plumbing permit, you’ve got to know what it is, and what it does for you.

The name already implies a lot; this is a legal document issued by the city of Bohemia that is giving you permission to start plumbing work on your home. Of course, if they’re giving you a permit that means you submitted an application to look at.

The most important thing to remember with a plumbing permit is that this is actually a legal protection for yourself and your home. This is an important “insurance tip,” because having a plumbing permit means any new work that is done to the home is both legally registered with the city and still valid for protection under your home insurance policy.

The reverse of this means if you get plumbing work done, and it’s not registered with a permit, not only may it invalidate your home insurance, it may also cause problems for a home sale if a home inspector realizes you’re trying to sell a home with illegal plumbing work.

2 - Get It For Big Jobs

Our next tip is about the proper usage of a plumbing permit. You don’t need it for every single plumbing job, only for a specific scope of the job. If what you need done is just a repair to an existing fixture or piece of plumbing, in order to restore its function, you don’t need a permit.

For a toilet that’s no longer working or a frozen water pipe that needs to be heated up to get the water flowing again, your Bohemia plumber can handle this without a legal document.

But if you’re doing something that fundamentally alters your plumbing, such as renovating your home and adding a new bathroom, complete with extra tap, tub, and shower stall, that’s pretty big in scale and scope. You’ll definitely need a permit for that.

3 - Pay The Price

Our final tip is about paying for the permit. It’s not free, but what you end up paying depends a lot on the job. If you’re having a pool built, for example, and need a heater added, that’s $200.

On the other hand, if you’re renovating your kitchen and making the switch to a gas stove, a gas pipe is plumbing work too, and that will cost $150.

So always make sure that if you’re having plumbing work done in Bohemia, NY you do it the right way. Get an experienced Bohemia plumber to advise you what you’d like to have done, then see if you’ll be needing a plumbing permit in order to ensure that everything is legal and on record.