If you're looking to install central heating in your home or replace your existing HVAC system, you may be wondering what kinds of systems are available, and which one would make the best choice for your home.

There are two options available for air heating, and they are electric HVAC and gas heating. Each has their benefits, and each has their added costs, so choosing which one is best comes down to what exactly you are looking for in an air heating system. Continue reading for more information on which HVAC system is best for you.

Understanding Your Duct System

In most cases, central HVAC requires a system or air ducts to carry the heated air from the forced air unit to the different areas of the house. This applies to gas heaters and most electric ones.

However, if you don’t already have a duct system in place, and are concerned about the costs of installing ductwork along with your HVAC unit, there is another alternative.

Mini-Split systems cool homes electrically, without the need for ductwork. A mini-split system consists of a number of indoor mounted wall units connected to one outdoor compressor.

Making The Most of Your Heating Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, gas-powered appliances tend to take first place.

This doesn't only apply to cooling, but heating and kitchen appliances as well. Gas heaters, in particular, are known to be more efficient than their electric counterparts.

Not to mention that gas systems can continue to run in the event of a blackout due to a severe storm or down power line.

Know The Difference in Heating Costs

Cost is often the top concern for homeowners when it comes to having any work done in their home, so it should come as no surprise that it is also a top concern when it comes to the installations as well.

The initial cost of an electric HVAC system is far lower than gas because gas units require the installation of gas lines, which requires more work, driving up the cost of the installation service drastically.

Electric units are also easier, and therefore less expensive, to maintain and repair. It is also worth noting that the cost of electricity is far more constant than that of gas, so a gas bill will fluctuate a lot more from month to month than your electric bill will.

Heater’s Effect on Your Energy Usage

Gas is generally known to be a more eco-friendly energy source than electricity, so if you are looking to reduce your home's carbon emissions, choosing a gas heating unit may be the way to go.

Because heating and cooling are often responsible for the highest energy usage in any home, switching to natural gas-powered heating can also drastically reduce your monthly electric bill.

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