Are you one of the homeowners feeling relieved that your old or otherwise unreliable air conditioning system just made it through the summer season? You’re not alone. Many people in this category tend to push their failing equipment out-of-mind as the temperatures begin to subside. Unfortunately, that usually means they are left with no choice but to deal with the inevitable replacement next summer—when the timing and cost are most inconvenient. 

While that AC system replacement seems less urgent as you’ve reached the end of the summer, in actuality, it is in your best interest to tackle that project in the off-season of the fall. Read on to learn about the advantages of making this proactive choice.

It Will Save You Money

Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of purchasing a system during the off-peak months is the sales, discounts, or special offer incentives available (ask about Varsity's complimentary Virus Defense System offer!). Upgrading to a new, energy-efficient HVAC system can also have a big impact on your utility bills with continuous savings of up to 20% on heating and cooling costs, according to Energy Star. You may also be entitled to additional bonuses such as federal tax credits and rebates with energy-efficient equipment. The sooner you can begin leveraging these financial benefits, the more money you can keep in your pocket. 

It Will Enable Better Decision-Making

Avoid the buyer’s remorse that can occur after making a major purchase in a rush. Outside of the peak season, you’ll have more options and time to think about your equipment replacement without the pressure of spiking temperatures, which means you’ll have greater confidence in the decision you’ll make. You can also learn about the ways in which your equipment can better serve the needs of your family. For example, you may consider adding air quality-improving upgrades such as high-performance filters or ultraviolet light technology to reduce your risk of indoor health concerns. Bundling these types of upgrades with an equipment replacement saves you time and money compared to adding them to your system at another time. 

It Will Be More Convenient

The last thing any homeowner wants is to end up stuck without heating or cooling at a time when they need it most. With the mild weather of the fall season, you’ll have the flexibility of scheduling the replacement at your convenience. There is no pressure of a weather-sensitive time-constraint. Most importantly, there is no worry of your family being left exposed to extreme temperatures with a broken system in the peak of the season.

It Will Allow for Better Service

For most HVAC companies, the peak season is typically filled with countless emergency calls and an overwhelming demand for system replacements. During the off-peak time of operations in the fall season, you can expect an immediate turnaround time, a larger installation team (which can result in a faster installation) and an above-and-beyond level of service. (At Varsity Home Service, we always strive to achieve 5-star service year-round...and outside of peak season, you can expect an even higher level  of excellence with our 100% undivided attention).

It Will Give You Peace of Mind

Head into the new year knowing that you’ve done your part to prevent unexpected breakdowns, surprise costs, and inconveniences by proactively replacing your failing equipment, rather than waiting until it gives out at the worst possible time. You can rest easy knowing you're ready for the seasons to come. The ultimate peace of mind comes from keeping your home safe and comfortable for your family all year long! 

If you anticipate a replacement of your air conditioning system in the near future, consider upgrading this fall for a better impact on your home and wallet. With our flexible financing options you’ll have the freedom to choose payment terms that work for you. Call today to set up a no-obligation free estimate with one of Varsity Home Service's HVAC professionals.