October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This cause is truly near and dear to our hearts at Varsity Home Service. Like many Long Islanders, this disease has personally impacted the lives of many of our staff and their families. Throughout this month, you will spot our technicians wearing pink, along with pins displaying the names of those Breast Cancer warriors for whom they proudly wear this symbolic color.

Pins Close Up

You may know that Varsity Home Service is a family-owned company, with three generations of Bellini family members now working in support of the company! Together we share the story of a breast cancer survivor who is very special to all of us. She has inspired our team to rally around the mission of raising awareness and funds for this important cause. Penny & Bob Penny Bellini stood by her husband Bob’s side to help him build Varsity from the ground up in 1962. As a new mother of five, she would balance caring for the babies at home while also answering the phones for the business. Through the years as the business grew and was passed on to their children and grandchildren, she remained its biggest supporter and fan. Her family and the company have always been her biggest priorities and greatest accomplishments. Without her support, Varsity Home Service would not be where it is today! Now, at 78 years old she is still as supportive, caring and high-spirited as ever.

Unfortunately, this journey was not without its difficulties. In the Fall of 2013, Penny was diagnosed with breast cancer. Penny represents every person who has fought and continues to fight against breast cancer in that she never gave up, never lost hope, and never let it break her spirit. She did not let this disease deter her from continuing to live her life to the fullest and to be there for Varsity or for loved ones. When asked how she prevailed, Penny simply said, “When you hear the word cancer you get very nervous at the word itself, but I told myself, I’m stronger than that word.” She continued to wake up and face each day with an open heart and mind. Her unwavering faith and positive outlook on life has caused not only her family, but also the larger Varsity team to appreciate life every day. She has encouraged us to fight to overcome any obstacles we face both at work and in our personal lives. Her strength and steadfast nature have inspired us all to live each day like Penny does.

Penny Bellini was blessed to win her battle against breast cancer and it is our wish that any others fighting this battle will have the resources to conquer it as well. During the month of October, Varsity has pledged to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in the amount of $100 for every air conditioning, heating and water filtration system installation in order to help raise funds for this important cause. We encourage everyone to join us in the fight against breast cancer in their own way. Whether big or small, every effort makes a difference! Pink Ribbon